Need a Novel Editor? Let’s Work Together!

If you’ve written a book that needs editing, I’d love to work with you!

Getting into publishing today is harder than ever. Thousands of writers (just like you) are submitting manuscripts to publishers or uploading self-published ebooks every day.

A professionally edited novel or nonfiction manuscript gives you a leg up on the competition. It makes your work stand out. Whether you’re planning to traditionally or self publish, a professional editor is indispensable in advancing your literary career.

I work with my clients on bringing out the best in their manuscripts, identifying their strengths and weaknesses, and crafting a story that agents, editors, and readers can’t put down. You’ve put the hard work into writing your novel, but now it’s time to polish it into something better than you ever imagined.

To check out my editing services, click here. I hope we’ll be working together soon!

-Ellen Brock


74 thoughts on “Need a Novel Editor? Let’s Work Together!

  1. Annie1948 says:

    SURE! Just remember that “a” becomes “an” when followed by a word starting with a vowel (“an” author), and “Hi” should have been followed by a comma, period, or an exclamation point.

  2. Steve Graham says:

    Hi Ellen… feel like I know you already, as I’ve been watching most of your vids so far. I’m finishing up my final edit before sending it out for editing service. Could you let me know what your lead time for doing some form of edit on my novel manuscript? I should be ready to send it out by the first week in April.


    • Ellen_Brock says:

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for watching my videos! I am currently booking April & May. The exact date will depend on the length of the manuscript and the type of editing you’re looking for.

      Feel free to email to get on my schedule.



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