How to Write a Query (with examples of real successful query letters)

Query letters can be daunting! Today I’m going to break the query down into three sections to create an easy template/format you can use to write your own query. I’m also going to demonstrate how this template plays out in successful query letters.

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3 thoughts on “How to Write a Query (with examples of real successful query letters)

  1. Richard Pelham Hern says:

    This was fantastic. I really appreciate you attaching the full query letters to review to see how it all went together. Thank you for all of your hard work.

    R. Pelham Hern

  2. Brian Douglas says:

    Hi Ellen,
    Just quickly wanted to say thank you for your, “How to write a query letter” video. I am in the process of formulating such for my first novel and am finding the arduous task of seeking representation more than a little daunting. Your wisdom and expertise were most helpful and informative.

    All Best,

    Brian Douglas

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