How to Plot Your Novel FAST (editor demonstration of plotting technique)

Today I’m going to walk you through my process for quickly plotting a novel. I have a few other videos about plotting, but in this video I wanted to explain how to reason your way to a plot outline based on what you already know about your idea.

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6 thoughts on “How to Plot Your Novel FAST (editor demonstration of plotting technique)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well done this is just what I needed. I’ve been outlining since january(seven months at this point) and I only have an outline and no usable draft.

  2. Douglas Hazelrigg says:

    I’d have her reach out to the boyfriend before she dives back into the competition, but he rebuffs her. As she’s competing the next day, she looks up and sees him enter and standing at the back, watching her; their eyes meet and he smiles, and she resumes baking and kicks butt

  3. Riaz says:

    I found this really helpful, particularly the bit about listing scenes where the character learns new information or travels. I’ve always glossed over those transitions while plotting, and I think that was a big reason I was losing momentum or getting stuck before even completing an outline. Now that I’m paying attention to these elements, ideas for the chain of events are flowing much more naturally. Thank you for your great content!

  4. John Loving says:

    Wow Ellen this is not at all how I write. I take an idea… and then I think what am I going to do, does it need twisting? or does it need to just be made into something totally ridiculous? I like it when that happens. And then I decide how to fit it into a setting and then I start scribbling letting the protagonist or the characters take me where they want to go. Which is probably the most improper method of writing.

    • April Marie Cox says:

      John, I don’t think your way is improper at all. I think you should go with whatever works for you. You’re probably a bit more of a pantser as they like to call it, like me. This just means that while you have a general idea, you prefer to let your characters tell the story rather than planning it all out beforehand.

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