Editing Services

***I am not currently taking on any new clients or projects. I apologize for the inconvenience!***

Need help picking the right editing option for you? Click here for a guide to choosing your edit.

3925726829_f24d140f4a_oFull Developmental Edit

Perfects the plot, pacing, and characterization. Identifies plot holes, continuity errors, issues with marketability, and more. This is the most detailed edit.  Read more →

4327205239_6145958833_oFull Novel Critique

A lighter version of the developmental edit. Identifies the primary issues needing improvement in a concise and approachable manner.  Read more →

12107061014_cb751742c0Partial Edits & Coaching

Smaller, targeted services that can quickly and efficiently improve your writing. Faster turnaround times and customizable options. Read more →