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65 thoughts on “Contact

  1. colonel Roy Mustang says:

    Hello Ellen,I first noticed you on your YouTube channel.I enjoyed your good videos.I wonder,how does someone write a spy novel,similar to Arpeggio of Blue Steel? With what principles in mind does it efficiently? My case is I have ideas to write a novel,I want to try it. By the way,how does someone write a series of fiction books?
    I would appreciate your reply.

  2. Jorge L. Rodriguez says:

    Hi, I’m J. L. Rodriguez. I wrote a book called Sol, it’s a Sci-Fi novel. I self published and the book itself was nice: however, not the writing. The concepts are good but not the expression of them. Help!

  3. PJ Jones says:

    Hi Ellen, learned so much from you on POV…. here’s a POV that has me stumped. I read and loved The Wife by Meg Wolitzer– at first it’s first person… narrator describes her life with her husband, but then also her husband’s childhood in detail [“Joe sat down at the kitchen table and ate his afternoon snack of yellow sponge cake in the moony stupified way children have, a constellation of crumbs on his lips and chin”], and others [“No one on this plane was fixated on death, like we’d all been earlier…”] and it doesn’t end there. Is this a POV taking liberties or is this an established type of narrator/POV? Perhaps a video if you can’t answer here. Thank you!

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