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  1. Mario Del Valle says:

    Good morning Ellen, hope you doing good today. First I want to thank you for your time and advices you are giving us, they are very helpful. My name is Mario del Valle, I just find a Publishing House for my first fiction novel; however, since I started college, I find a way how to write better. I’m trying to rewrite my book, but the publishing house said I can add a plot but they can’t edited anything else. Before I summitt the book to them, a freelance editor, edited for me, and the publishers haven’t do any change on it. Maybe is well edited, but I think they shouldn’t charge me the full amount. They said, they just finished the copy and the line editing parts. Its been 4 months aince I began working with them. Still, they are an A+ publishing house “Fulton Books”. I don’t want to loose them, but at the same time I think they should edit any plot I add since they haven’t work in the editing part from my first freelance editor. If you want I can send you how is edited and how I rewriting it with a voice and you judge.
    Please in your free time let me know what you think. Thank you Ellen, and have a blessed day.

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