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47 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Mario Del Valle says:

    Good morning Ellen, hope you doing good today. First I want to thank you for your time and advices you are giving us, they are very helpful. My name is Mario del Valle, I just find a Publishing House for my first fiction novel; however, since I started college, I find a way how to write better. I’m trying to rewrite my book, but the publishing house said I can add a plot but they can’t edited anything else. Before I summitt the book to them, a freelance editor, edited for me, and the publishers haven’t do any change on it. Maybe is well edited, but I think they shouldn’t charge me the full amount. They said, they just finished the copy and the line editing parts. Its been 4 months aince I began working with them. Still, they are an A+ publishing house “Fulton Books”. I don’t want to loose them, but at the same time I think they should edit any plot I add since they haven’t work in the editing part from my first freelance editor. If you want I can send you how is edited and how I rewriting it with a voice and you judge.
    Please in your free time let me know what you think. Thank you Ellen, and have a blessed day.

  2. Mikahla waybright says:

    Hello Ellen, my name is Mikahla Waybright. I have recently come upon your YouTube channel and very much enjoy and appreciate the things you have to say. I am working on a novel currently, but must admit that it is mostly in my head at the moment. I have written a few scenes, including the ending, the first two chapters and some twists/deaths, but other than that have not gotten much of it down. I have, however, written short stories over that past year to keep myself from getting rusty, and was just wondering if you include short story critique in your editing services. Since I mostly would like feedback on my writing style and the flow of my writing, it is not overly important that the feedback be from my novel in progress. Thank you so much.

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