Partial Edits & Coaching

If you are new to writing, on a budget, haven’t finished your novel, or prefer to work in smaller focused chunks, I recommend starting with these services rather than a full edit. These services can be purchased alone or in combinations, whatever works best for you.

Novel Assessment

Content critique of the first 10,000 words. For more information, click here.


Writing Style/Voice Assessment

Report on how to improve your style/voice based on the first 5,000 words.


Outline Assessment

Critique of scene-by-scene novel outline under 12,000 words. For more information, click here.


Concept Assessment

Critique of a novel outline or synopsis under 6,000 words. For more information, click here.


ADD ON: One-Hour Email Follow-Up Discussion

Ask questions or get supplemental assistance after another service. You do not need to purchase/schedule this in advance unless requesting more than one hour.


One-Hour of Coaching (not added to another service)

Custom coaching to focus on your specific questions and concerns. Depending on the complexity, more than one hour may be necessary.


Ready to book? Please read my New Client Guide, then use the Booking Services form and select “Coaching/Partial Edit” from the drop-down menu. Please describe which services you’d like to schedule in the body of your booking request. Thanks!