Concept/Outline Development

Need help with your novel’s plot? Whether you’ve got a few paragraphs of disjointed notes or a fully formed outline, I can help polish and perfect your idea.

We will work together to ensure your novel has compelling characters, proper structure, and marketability.

Not all writers like working from an outline, but it can be a beneficial way to save time in the editing process and can prevent the frustration of a sloppy first draft that forces you to rewrite over and over again.

Concept development can also be used by writers who have already written a first draft and have converted it into an outline. This allows me to provide feedback without reading the entire novel.

COST: $75 per hour

Total number of hours will depend on whether you want general feedback on your idea/plot/premise or a detailed finalized outline.

Please note that you set the budget and I will never charge you for time that was not agreed upon and paid in advance.

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