Query Letters


Query Letter Edit & critique

2551232980_9d3abc709b_oThe slush piles at agencies and publishing houses are huge! Standing out in the crowd is tough.

Improve your odds of catching an agent or publisher’s eye with a professionally edited query letter. Whether you have a perfect draft or a rough outline, this service adds polish and pizzazz to your query.

Cost: $75 per hour (one hour typically covers 2-4 rounds of editing.)

Query Letter writing

2550243063_35b750a523_oIt can be tough to write your own query. Getting perspective on your work and knowing what to include can be frustrating and confusing. I offer two options for writers who would like help building the query from the ground up.

Query Coaching: With this option, I will ask you a series of questions to pull out the elements of your story that should be included in the query. From there, we will collaborate on a draft that best represents your story. We can continue until the query is completely polished or stop after the first draft depending on your needs and budget.

Cost: $75 per hour (a rough draft typically takes 1-2 hours, a polished draft takes 2-3)

Query Writing: With this option, I will write the query for you after reading the novel. Since reading a novel takes a good deal of time, I recommend opting for a novel critique rather than paying for a straight read without comment. The difference in price is almost always worth the extra value.

Cost: $7.50 per 1,000 words of the novel