Novel Assessment

The novel assessment is an alternative to a full critique or full developmental edit. The novel assessment is the same service as the novel critique (please read the description of the novel critique so you know what to expect), but covers a small section of your novel.

During the assessment, I will look at the first 10,000 words of your novel and provide feedback on characterization, marketability, writing style, and any “red flags” or “fatal flaws” that will make it difficult to market or sell your novel.

This assessment is normally about two to four pages long and lists out all areas that need work with recommendations, links, and additional information to get you moving in the right direction.

This service is ideal if you need direction on a first draft, are concerned that your novel isn’t ready for a full edit or critique, don’t have the budget for a full edit or critique, or if you know that something isn’t right with your story but can’t pinpoint what it is.

Cost: $200

Please read the New Client Guide before booking your novel assessment.