How to Fix a Bad Scene (with flow chart)

I created a flow chart to diagnose bad scenes. The chart will help you to identify the problems with your scenes and provide possible solutions. This is perfect for when you know something is wrong with a scene in your novel but you’re not sure exactly what’s going wrong or how to fix it.

Download the Flow Chart by right clicking and choosing “Save image as…”

Video Explanation:


01:23 Does the scene move the plot forward?

02:37 Does the reader need to see the scene happen?

04:18 Is there a conflict?

05:44 Is it obvious to the reader that the scene pushes the plot forward?

06:56 Does the character experience an emotional shift?

08:16 Is the scene still not working?

10:57 Does the scene contain vital information?

11:35 Do you like and want to keep the scene?

12:23 Does the part you like require an entire scene?

13:53 Does the information require an entire scene?

15:27 Is it possible to move the information to another scene?

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