Workshop #2: Peer Critiques

4926954971_1a10788d3b_oWelcome to the peer critiques. Below you will find a list of novel openings available for peer critique. If you submitted your opening, please critique at least five other submissions. If you didn’t submit your opening, you are still welcome to help out your fellow writers by leaving critiques.

While honesty is a good thing, let’s try to keep the critiques constructive and polite. Thanks!

The submissions are currently anonymous. Feel free to reveal yourself as the author of your opening if you wish or you can remain anonymous. It is your choice.

Thanks to everyone who submitted and everyone who made the first half of Novel Boot Camp so fun and successful!

Complete List of All Novel Openings Available for Peer Critique

***Important: I am aware the formatting is not ideal on certain submissions. Depending on how the text was submitted, some have proper paragraphs and some don’t. I could not manually add paragraphs due to time restrictions. Sorry for the inconvenience.***


Dark Desires

Primal Mates

Lesson Plan

The Bailey Girl

Suspected Hippy – Travelling on a Wire


Project Fifty

400 Feet

The Art Therapist’s Child

Forgetting the Remembered

The Great Commission

I Am Not a Robot

By the Time You Get This


For Whom the Sun Rises


When Orion Hunts



Enemy of Troy

The Steam Broomstick



From Heels to Sandals

Business of Love

(New Adult) Under Western Skies



A Witch’s Luck

For the Love of a Child

Where There No Eyes

Torsion: The Betrayal

She’s Dead

Muddy Waters


Hannah, My Love Coach and the Riemann Conjecture


Foul Play


Science Fiction

Logan’s Run: Brood Clones

New Colours of Dawn



The Smagian Princess

The Jarlshof, or the Earl’s House

Blood and Starlight

The Ladysmiths

The Fall of Arkanar

Young Adult

(Fantasy) Mirror of Sparrows

(Fantasy) Crown of Snow

(Fantasy) The Inquisitor’s Compass

(Fantasy) Alice in Winterland

(Fantasy) Jasper

(Science Fiction) EcoSphere

(Historical) The Miraby Hotel

(Romance) Love is Patient

(Thriller) Beneath the Surface

(Mystery) Daphne Holmes and the Book of Cipher

(Mainstream) Fizgig

(Mainstream) The Lies We Believe

(Mainstream) Running Away

Middle Grade

(Fantasy) Reina

(Fantasy) The Lil Gods and the Rise of the Giants

(Mystery) The Eighth Chamber

(Mainstream) Wars at Home

(Mainstream) Through the Quarry Window -A Ryan Hutton Adventure

(Mainstream) Storm Magnet

This critique session is part of Novel Boot Camp. If you don’t know what that is click here.

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11 thoughts on “Workshop #2: Peer Critiques

  1. Blake says:

    I’m not sure if I did something wrong, but I left a comment on one of the stories and it is not appearing. Well, at least not to me…

  2. Kevin says:

    Hi, Ellen. I have the same problem with Blake. As I’ve tried to leave three comments without success, I wonder if I should try again now or wait for your approval first.

  3. Douglas Hazelrigg says:

    I am going to try to read all of them, except the YA, et al, since I don’t have any real affinity with those genres. I am learning just as much from reading others’ work and the critiques than with just my own

  4. johnsonofdaw says:

    I left Fantasy, Young Adults, and Middle Grade alone, and looked for other pieces that hadn’t been critiqued much. I wanted to critique those who had critiqued me, but couldn’t because names weren’t posted with titles – I could have asked them of course.

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