What is Mentoring/Coaching?

Mentoring is whatever you want it to be. I am at your disposal as an industry professional and you can use my time however you wish. Here are some ideas:

  • Write or polish your submission package (query, synopsis, and/or first chapter)
  • Identify why you’re getting rejected and how to get more requests from agents and editors
  • Edit your novel in a more interactive, back-and-forth manner than traditional editing
  • Work on improving your voice and style
  • Get guidance on interpreting and making requested changes for an agent or publisher
  • Brainstorm a new novel idea to create an outline
  • Identify your writing strengths and how to capitalize on them
  • Identify your writing weakness and how to improve upon them

Mentoring is essentially an intensive, personalized creative writing class that focuses solely on your needs and how to improve your writing and advance your career quickly and effectively. My very first mentoring client received a partial request from her top agent after just five hours of mentoring! While results vary, mentoring is an effective way to make immediate progress with your writing.

How are Hours Calculated?

Hours include only the time that I am working with you. This includes reading and writing emails, reviewing materials (manuscript, query letter, synopsis, outline, etc.), but it does not include the time that you work on the book without me.

Hours are paid for upfront, which means there are no surprise charges. I inform you in each email how much of your time has been used.

Mentoring is done via email only (no phone calls). The reason for this is that phone calls waste a lot of time on chitchat, collecting our thoughts, silences, etc. that would all count against your time with me, costing you several times as much money as emails (which you can spend your own time drafting exactly the way you want). It’s also a lot easier to learn about writing on paper than verbally.

How Much Can You Get Done in an Hour?

A lot! You will be surprised how much I can get done per hour. If you’re looking for a full edit (line editing and developmental editing) of your work, I can usually complete about 2,000 words per hour, but it may be slightly more or less depending on how much work needs done.


$100 per hour (as standalone service)

$75 per hour (as an add-on to another service)

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