Novel Critique Partner and Writing Friend Meetup!


Novel Boot Camp is only a week away! Before we all get absorbed in the excitement and chaos, let’s make some writing friends and snag some critique partners!

**Note: This meetup does not end at any specific time. Feel free to post here throughout Novel Boot Camp!**

Writing Friend: Someone to chat with about writing and publishing. Someone to give you a nudge (or a shove) when you fall behind on your goals. Someone to laugh and cry with you about your writing ups and downs.

Critique Partner: Someone to exchange full or partial manuscripts with in order to offer critiques of each other’s work. Must be polite, courteous, constructive, but also honest.

There are two ways to connect:

Twitter Meetup

Tweet your request for writing friends or critique partners to Twitter and tag it with: #NovelBootCamp

Sample Tweet: Looking for a critique partner. A YA writer would be great! Writing friends always welcome! I need a good shove during !

Blog Comment Meetup

Post your request for writing friends or critique partners in the comments section below. Remember to provide some way for other writers to contact you (Twitter handle, email address, Facebook link, etc.).

Sample Blog Comment: I’m not ready for a critique partner just yet, but writing friends would be awesome! I like to read fantasy and suspense. My goal is to get an agent by next summer. I love knitting, dancing, and reading! Please contact me at [email address] or [Twitter handle].

ETA: Facebook Meetup!

If you prefer to connect on Facebook, there is now a Facebook Novel Boot Camp group!

Meetup Rules & Advice

In your request for a critique partner or writing friend, you may want to include:

  • Whether you’re looking for a writing friend, critique partner, or both.
  • Whether you need a gentle hand or some tough nudges to get you going!
  • What genres you’re interested in reading/writing/critiquing.
  • How long you’ve been writing.
  • Some non-writing things about you, such as what you do for fun.

A Few Rules

  • The meetup has no official end time. Feel free to post even after the excitement has died down.
  • You do not have to participate in Novel Boot Camp to participate in this meetup.
  • Do not be rude, attacking, or insulting in your posts. Keep it clean. I will delete you if I feel it will strengthen the experience for other writers.
  • Do not post advertisements for your products (books, ebooks) or services (editing, proofreading, cover design, etc.). NO spam! This includes “veiled” spam, such as conveniently mentioning your products/services.
  • Do not post looking for a critique partner if you do not intend to reciprocate with your own critique.
  • Have fun!

Make Friends with Me!

I don’t have time for critique partners (way too much editing to get done!), but I love making writing friends! The best place to connect with me is on Twitter where I post writing tips, editing advice, and updates about my videos, blog posts, workshops, etc. I also answer writing and editing questions when I can.

When not editing (which is almost never), I love geocaching, watching movies, reading, and eating tacos.


Please share this post so that everyone has the opportunity to make new friends and find critique partners!

171 thoughts on “Novel Critique Partner and Writing Friend Meetup!

  1. Roman says:

    Hey, My name is Roman. I am just looking for a writing friend. Someone who is not necessarily an expert, but is somewhat knowledgeable about the novel writing process. Someone who can give me that extra nudge to complete my novel and help me when I run into issues with my manuscript. I’m just starting my first novel. It is an multiple POV epic fantasy. I’m about done with the second chapter of one of three POV characters. so, I have a long way to go.

    My email:

  2. MEOW Date (@MEOWDate) says:

    Hello, Friends,

    I am a new writer, started with NaNoWriMo 2012, edited on and off for a few months last year, and am now re-writing almost from scratch (on my 6th draft). My novel is, I think, soft Biblical Science Fiction, or perhaps biblical fantasy. Not religious themed. I am looking for both writing friends and tough critics, as my three beta readers all told me it was good, with one even giving me quite detailed critiques, but my subsequent study of writing craft leaves me feeling that the novel needs a change of PoV, stronger voice, and sharper dialogue.

    For fun, I enjoy walking and Greek folk dancing. My current non-writing pasttime is learning French. I hope to be as helpful to others as I can here.

    Warm Regards
    Shira Destinie, (twit: MEOWDate)
    MEOW Date: Sunday, June 24. 12014 H.E. (Holocene Era)

    • JTMoore says:

      Sounds intriguing Shira. I’m looking for a writing friend. My WIP is a post-apocalyptic tale about a tent city with some spiritual twists. I also have a great interest in fiction with Biblical insight and influence. Maybe we can connect.

    • D.L. says:


      I was hoping to find someone else writing Biblical SciFi/Fantasy! I’m on the third draft of my first ms (recently edited by Ellen). It’s Biblical Fantasy from the POV of an angel. Nothing judgmental or religious themed- mostly good vs. evil, love conquers all, coming of age, etc. I would love to be CP and/or writing buddy with anyone having an interest in this area.

      Personally, I’m kind of a health nut/ aspiring naturopath. I love reading, running, and goofing off with my three kids. I’m not on twitter yet but I’m sure that can be easily remedied.


      • jthttk says:

        Hi Dwayne,
        I like Biblical SciFi/Fantasy! I’m intrigued by your POV character. Sounds interesting.
        I’m a real newby to writing fiction, but would be interested as a writing buddy.
        I’m into health and wholeness myself and an aspiring herbalist. I’m into foraging and wildcrafting as well. Email me if interested;

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey peoples! I love fantasy and am also looking for a writing buddy, someone to push me when I’m close to giving up. The woes of being a writer! I enjoy writing YA sci-fi, fantasy/supernatural. And poetry. Although I am not very far in my story (barely fifty pages) I would relish any help/input for my story.
    I also am willing to help and give any support! I an mainly looking for people who write the same genre, however, I would definitely help out others with support. Any YA might be up my alley! Unfortunately, I am only around fifty pages in of my story (which is dystopian/sci-fi), but I could still use the support. Let me know if you’re interested by contacting me via Twitter:
    Or, email me at:
    Happy Novel Boot Camp!

  4. julzwrites says:

    Hi! My name is Julz. I’m looking for a critique partner for a YA psychological thriller. It is not yet done but i am close to the end of the first draft and hoping to begin editing it during Camp NaNoWriMo. I mostly write Fantasy, Dystopian/Sci Fi, and Post Apoc so i’d be beyond thrilled to work with anyone writing in those genres. My current WIP is my first venture into the psych. thriller world and i would appreciate another set of eyes on it!
    Writing buddies would be wonderful as well–a means to motivate myself and someone else to get to the finish line!
    Feel free to connect with me on Twitter: @XOfficialJulzX
    Or, through email:

  5. Sharon Smith says:

    Hi. My name is Sharon. I’m looking for critique/writing buddies for creative non-fiction, travel stories. I have about thirteen chapters in second draft. I like biographies, mysteries, humor and travel stories. Writing buddies would be great. I love silk painting, traveling, dogs, quilting and DIY projects . I’m not that familiar with Twitter but can be reached at; and facebook Or you can email me.

    • Pam Portland says:

      Hi Sharon, I am writing fiction, but I have a non-fiction travel blog (less about travel and more about what I learned along the way). I have taken a hiatus while I work on my novel, but I hope to get back to it after Novel Boot Camp. I certainly could use a few writing buddies as well. I’ll be here frequently over the next month, plus on Twitter @TruckingWriter.

  6. Lana Studley (@song4lana) says:

    I’ve heard a lot of successful writers say the only difference between them and wannabes are perseverance. However, as of late, I have to question myself about my decision to keep on writing…
    Am I fooling myself, thinking I can learn to do it well?
    Any thoughts?
    Thank you,

    • gillianstkevern says:

      In my (albeit limited) experience, the only way to learn to write is to keep writing and reading. Part of that process is writing some pretty terrible things! As long as you are willing to learn from your mistakes, accept criticisms and learn how to silence that voice in your head that insists you’re just wasting your time, you can do it, Lana.

    • JT Moore says:

      I’m so new at this I can’t speak to perseverance in writing, but I do know in most anything artistically worthwhile it takes way more persistence than any other virtue. I question if I have what it takes too Lana, but it’s worth giving it my all for a season to see. I’m 56 years old, I’m not going to do it any younger. Editing frightens my artistic sense. I’ve made so many mistakes so far it’s crazy, but I’m going to persist because writing is fun for me. Gillian is right, you can do it. Hang in there!

      • Michael Wisehart says:

        “Because it is fun”…that is without a doubt the number one best reason to do it! Perfection, or in some of our cases – mediocrity, does not occur without p-r-a-c-t-i-c-e.

        Learn…but most of all Enjoy!

      • Lana Studley (@song4lana) says:

        Thank you all for the support and encouragement, it means a lot to me.
        I’m working on one story for the last four and a half years. It grew into two separate stories, so I’m constantly changing, adding, rewriting and its disheartening to see that my quality is still so far away from anything I would consider decent. I try to learn more about the craft whenever I’ve got a moment, I would wash dishes while listening to a lecture, during nights when I rock my little girl to sleep, I think about my story and characters.

        Now that I have my daughter, I started to feel guilty for the time I spent when writing instead of doing something for my daughter, my husband, working on my freelance projects or looking for new clients. Even an hour a day is an hour stolen away from my family or work, at least that what it feels like. I have to ask myself, do I have the right to do so?

        Anyway super excited about #Novel Boot Camp Kickoff Party, although I am in a process of moving to a different state, so might be in and out of the party.

  7. Elle says:

    Hey, I’m Elle. I’m working on revising and polishing several romance manuscripts at the moment. Most with a heavy theme in fantasy or sci-fi military space opera. Hoping to complete them by the end of summer and start looking for an agent or maybe try self-publishing first.

    Would love to make some writing friends and maybe eventually evolve to critique partners. I’ve lost track of the number of half-completed novels I’ve abandoned. Would be nice to be able to share with a writer friend on all the ups and downs of our experiences and give each other encouragement and a good kick when needed to get back on track.

    I love to read all kinds of books, including: contemporary, sci-fi, fantasy, military space opera, and especially anything with a heavy dose of romance.

    • Kim says:

      Hi Elle, I’m Kim. I’d love to connect. I just finished the first draft of a manuscript that can best be described as fast-paced contemporary fiction with a fairly healthy dose of romance. I can be reached at

      • Amber says:

        Hey Elle 🙂

        I write fiction as well and currently have completed my manuscript for a Romantic Thriller. Would you be interested in maybe swapping our first few chapters and we can give each other suggestions and critique? If you are, shoot me an email at


    • jennfs10 says:

      Hi Elle,
      I’m looking for writing friends that could eventually evolve into critique partners. I feel like I’m in a similar situation as well in terms of starting various manuscripts, but not finishing. I would love to write YA, but when I sit down to outline stories, they turn out to be NA romance or adult contemporary romance. 🙂 I’m currently reading YA Fantasy and some romance too. (Just finished Sarah J. Mass’ Throne of Glass and reading Kristin Higgins’ Waiting for You in between books.)

      If you’d like to connect, my email is I also joined the Novel Boot Camp Facebook group.


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