Novel Critique Partner and Writing Friend Meetup!


Novel Boot Camp is only a week away! Before we all get absorbed in the excitement and chaos, let’s make some writing friends and snag some critique partners!

**Note: This meetup does not end at any specific time. Feel free to post here throughout Novel Boot Camp!**

Writing Friend: Someone to chat with about writing and publishing. Someone to give you a nudge (or a shove) when you fall behind on your goals. Someone to laugh and cry with you about your writing ups and downs.

Critique Partner: Someone to exchange full or partial manuscripts with in order to offer critiques of each other’s work. Must be polite, courteous, constructive, but also honest.

There are two ways to connect:

Twitter Meetup

Tweet your request for writing friends or critique partners to Twitter and tag it with: #NovelBootCamp

Sample Tweet: Looking for a critique partner. A YA writer would be great! Writing friends always welcome! I need a good shove during !

Blog Comment Meetup

Post your request for writing friends or critique partners in the comments section below. Remember to provide some way for other writers to contact you (Twitter handle, email address, Facebook link, etc.).

Sample Blog Comment: I’m not ready for a critique partner just yet, but writing friends would be awesome! I like to read fantasy and suspense. My goal is to get an agent by next summer. I love knitting, dancing, and reading! Please contact me at [email address] or [Twitter handle].

ETA: Facebook Meetup!

If you prefer to connect on Facebook, there is now a Facebook Novel Boot Camp group!

Meetup Rules & Advice

In your request for a critique partner or writing friend, you may want to include:

  • Whether you’re looking for a writing friend, critique partner, or both.
  • Whether you need a gentle hand or some tough nudges to get you going!
  • What genres you’re interested in reading/writing/critiquing.
  • How long you’ve been writing.
  • Some non-writing things about you, such as what you do for fun.

A Few Rules

  • The meetup has no official end time. Feel free to post even after the excitement has died down.
  • You do not have to participate in Novel Boot Camp to participate in this meetup.
  • Do not be rude, attacking, or insulting in your posts. Keep it clean. I will delete you if I feel it will strengthen the experience for other writers.
  • Do not post advertisements for your products (books, ebooks) or services (editing, proofreading, cover design, etc.). NO spam! This includes “veiled” spam, such as conveniently mentioning your products/services.
  • Do not post looking for a critique partner if you do not intend to reciprocate with your own critique.
  • Have fun!

Make Friends with Me!

I don’t have time for critique partners (way too much editing to get done!), but I love making writing friends! The best place to connect with me is on Twitter where I post writing tips, editing advice, and updates about my videos, blog posts, workshops, etc. I also answer writing and editing questions when I can.

When not editing (which is almost never), I love geocaching, watching movies, reading, and eating tacos.


Please share this post so that everyone has the opportunity to make new friends and find critique partners!