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66 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Griff Harland says:

    By all means you can change the genre into an Adventure, rather than a Mystery! Or even Search and Rescue, not to mention others; like Yong Adults growth into respectability!

  2. christian ortiz-signorelli says:

    Hello Ellen,

    my name is Christian and I’m writing you from Chile.
    I was raised in Connecticut and came back here only 2 yrs ago.
    I’ve really enjoyed your videos, they’ve been quite educational for me, hence my interest in writing you. Also, I’m sure that many, many more share the same opinion than mine.
    I’m currently writing a thriller which took place in a psychiatric hospital in Connecticut and my question is, would you be able to work with me although I live abroad?
    If the answer is yes, what would I need to do next to start this endeavor?

    I thank you in advance for your time and consideration and hope hearing from you in the near future.

    Warm regards,


  3. Dan Walker says:

    Hi Ellen,

    I have previously been in contact with you – about a year ago – I made an inquiry if you would consider helping me in reviewing my book/manuscirpt – I received an adequate and most sensible reply although I have not responded as I had some doubts about letting someone else read my material “as of yet” – but when I have overcome that hurdle it seems most likely that it will be you – your really great and I wanted to hereby just say Hello once again and do enjoy you posts, videos, website layout, contents,
    “the whole ten yards” as they say. No matter what – I am certain your general information through the above has helped me beyond expectations and will not forget you if my book turns out well – and even if it doesnt turn out well – its is and has been alot of fun and will be in touch again.

    I couldnt help sending this somewhat short Hello as feedback to your great work and effort and hope all is going well with you in your business endeavor. You are very talented – keep it up – you will achieve
    great goals herein.

    More later and hopefully sooner than another year off. You need not reply in depth at this most inconvenient time as you are in the middle of this bootcamp – I just couldnt resist sending this off – most inspired.

    Thee kindest of regards,

    Dan / Dennis

  4. Stephen Marte says:

    Hi Ellen,

    I’ve worked as a writer all my life, as a journalist, high school English teacher, and now as an advertising copywriter for a large, international firm. For fun, I’ve written a couple of historical novels.

    Someone within my company shared your site with me, and I just wanted to reach out and say, “thank you.” As an old poop, I thought I knew quite a bit about my craft, but you’ve taught me that I have quite a bit yet to learn.

    I look forward to returning to your site, gleaning what I can from your advice, and putting it into practice in my next book.

    All the best,

  5. Diane Black says:

    I’m interested in information regarding your workshops! Where and when? Thanks so much!
    P.S. Love your videos!

  6. R.J. Blacks, Author says:

    I love your video tutorials and watch them all the time. Have you considered publishing a book summarizing each of the videos? It doesn’t need to be long, about 200 pages, which would serve as a study guide and also for reference. If you ever produce one, please let me know as I would love to purchase a copy. All the best.

  7. Jenna West says:

    Hi Ellen!

    I am working on my first novel and your videos on YouTube have helped tremendously! I saw that you do workshops (Novel Boot Camp), and was wondering when your next one is. I would love to join it! I am also possibly interested in your mentoring or editing once I’m further along in my novel. You make things easy to understand and are very good at what you do.

    Thanks in advance!

      • Dan Walker says:

        I am almost done with my book – just some never ending polish and minor changes and in most cases – just changing some words and thereby the sentence and thereby the paragraf and so and so on.  I have also changed several pages and thereby also needed to change several sentences both before and after those pages changed.  I read and reread ten twenty times and rethink and evaluate very minor details that I believe are paramount to the flow, emotion, feeling and etc..etc…, this goes on for almost ever – now counting into the third year – self editing.   This brings me back to the question I asked you some two or three years ago – can you help me with some final editing? My question is how can I be somewhat certain that I am doing the right thing with you or am I now starting a new never ending edit process. I am hoping for a reply that will cover my worries hereby. Thee kindest of regards, Dan Walker  

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