First Page Critique Peer Workshop [Novel Boot Camp]

NBClogoWelcome to the peer critiques. Below you will find a list of novel openings available for peer critique. If you submitted your opening, please critique at least five other submissions. If you didn’t submit your opening, you are still welcome to help out your fellow writers by leaving critiques.

While honesty is a good thing, let’s try to keep the critiques constructive and polite. Thanks!

The submissions are currently anonymous. Feel free to reveal yourself as the author of your opening if you wish or you can remain anonymous. It is your choice.

Thanks to everyone who submitted and everyone who made the first half of Novel Boot Camp so fun and successful!

For the next workshop I’ll be doing query critiques, so get those queries ready! I’ll start accepting them on Monday. First come, first served.

Complete List of All Novel Openings Available for Peer Critique

***Important: I am aware the formatting is not ideal on certain submissions. Depending on how the text was submitted, some have proper paragraphs and some don’t. I could not manually add paragraphs due to time restrictions. Sorry for the inconvenience.***


The Girl with Long Red Hair

Truth or Dare?

Trick Baby

Unlikely Friendship


A Boy’s Life



Brush of the Forest

No Record of Wrongs


Where the Blood Ends

For the Love of a Child

The Tower


The Seeking Girl

Lost Pariah

Science Fiction

The English Rider


The Bastard


Young Adult Fantasy

Storm Rising

Mirror of Sparrows

The Poison Fire

The Erlking’s Coffer


Daughter of the Scorpion

Xander’s Legacy – Vol. 1

Cat and Mouse- A Mike Stout Epic Adventure

Skye Chase

Of Blood and Rain

Young Adult Science Fiction

Raise the Dead

The Storming of Coeus

The Siren Has Sounded

Dawkins’s Dawning

Not So Superhuman

Ninety-Nine Percent Alien


Young Adult Thriller


Hiding Behind the Masks

Black Owl

Young Adult Horror

Tell Me A Ghost Story

Middle Grade Mainstream

Wars at Home

High Country Pony

Middle Grade Mystery

The Eighth Chamber

Middle Grade Fantasy

The Wishbone Curse

The Red Tattoos

Adventures of Descent Dale

If the Ent


This critique session is part of Novel Boot Camp. If you don’t know what that is click here.

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