25 Mistakes that Peg You as an Amateur Writer [Novel Boot Camp 11]

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make writing seem unprofessional. In this video I wanted to run through some relatively small writing mistakes that can make your writing seem amateur.

Comment Question: Are there any other common mistakes you would add to this list?

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9 thoughts on “25 Mistakes that Peg You as an Amateur Writer [Novel Boot Camp 11]

  1. Elle Mott says:

    Hi, I’m (trying to) follow along in this Novel Boot Camp, but am locked out of replying to your posts and videos. Instead, I’m resorting to replying through You Tube. I don’t use WordPress. I don’t have a WordPress acct. Any idea for how to get me past this? Thanks kindly,

    Here’s a paste of the message I get when I try to post.

  2. Blake says:

    Great video! I would love to see a follow up to this video – I think it would be very interesting.I suppose another common mistake could be over explaining (by telling rather than showing) powers and abilities.

  3. vanessafowler says:

    Would love to hear more!

    ….how about not knowing how to spell (I just realized I wrote “eve’s dropping” in this week’s critique submission…oh well…still learning!)

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