Workshop #4: Peer Critique Session

6752478685_bc1b9e857c_oWelcome to the first part of our last workshop! The previous peer critique session was a huge success so I’m looking forward to all the great feedback in this session.

Each novel opening has been pasted on its own page with its own comments section. Please leave your comments in the individual comments sections rather than on this page.

Feel free to share your opening page on Twitter, Facebook, etc. The more writers offering critiques the merrier! You do not have to be a Boot Camp participant to offer critiques.

This is the first part of the Workshop #4 critiques. The second part will be posted tomorrow. If you haven’t submitted yet, you can do so here.


Seven Deadly Swords


Charlotte’s Shadow

Flying Solo

The Cure

On RVing Time A Grand Mexico Tour

Across the Dark Distances

Black Road


Haunted Visions

View to Murder


The Veiled Walls


Strange Attractor

The Stars Did Wander Darkling


Man Wanted

Young Adult

(Thriller) The Conductor

(Fantasy) Untitled

(Mainstream) The Journey

(Thriller) On the Other End of the Phone

(Fantasy) Andra of the Aki

(Mainstream) The Great Commission

(Thriller) Bendigo and Afolabi

Middle Grade

(Fantasy) The Lil Gods and the Rise of the Giants

Thanks to everyone for participating!

8 thoughts on “Workshop #4: Peer Critique Session

  1. Marlene says:

    There is no comment section on the individual pages at the end of the book portions listed above. Where are we supposed to write our critique and are we supposed to include what we notice grammatically as well an overview? Thanks, this is my first time doing this.

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