#RevPit Editing Discounts


I had an absolutely wonderful time reviewing the #RevPit submissions. You are all so creative and talented! It was very hard to narrow my choice down to a single manuscript because I really wanted to work with you all!

I will be offering discounts and special offers to the #RevPit community. Even if you did not (or could not) submit to me, feel free to take advantage of these discounts if you submitted to any editors during #RevPit.

Please note that I will be very busy working with the writer I’m mentoring for #RevPit so most editing services booked in the next few weeks will be scheduled for June/July/August.

Special Offers

Full Manuscript Edits

10% off a critique or developmental edit for your full manuscript (must be booked by June 1st)

Small Editing Packages

Option One: Developmental feedback on your first 5,000 words, a line edit of your query, and a line edit of your synopsis for $100.

Option Two: Developmental feedback on your first 5,000 words and a line edit of your query for $75.

Option Three: Developmental feedback on your first 10,000 words for $100.

Option Four: Developmental feedback (structure, marketability, characterization, “red flag” issues) on your synopsis for $75.

To Book Your Edit: Please use my booking services page. Make sure to mention that you would like to take advantage of a special #RevPit offer.

If you have any questions, you can reach me at: editorbrock@gmail.com