About Me

About Ellen Brock

I am a freelance novel editor with years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients.

When you hire a freelance novel editor, it can be a very scary experience, but I love putting my clients’ minds at ease. As hard as it is to have an editor point out flaws in your writing, it all becomes worth it when you realize you are getting closer and closer to publishing success!

I want my clients to feel like their relationship with me is an invaluable stepping stone in their publishing journey.

I have been working as a freelance novel editor full time for the last two years and part time for two years before that. I have worked with several independent and e-publishers in both editing and acquisitions.

I have a BA in communications with a focus in writing. Make sure to check out some of my past clients and testimonials!

When I’m not editing, I love to watch movies, go geocaching, and play with my pets. I am currently planning my wedding, so make sure to get your edit in before my January honeymoon!

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Send me an email: ellenbrock@keytopservices.com

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