Guest Posts

Would you like to guest post on the Writeditor? I’d be happy to have you!

Who can guest post?

  • Authors
  • Aspiring writers (you don’t have to be established)
  • Publishers
  • Agents
  • Cover artists
  • Book marketers
  • Anyone else who has something valuable to share with my readers!

What topics are allowed?

  • Writing Tips & Advice
  • Editing Tips & Advice
  • Publishing
  • Self Publishing
  • Rejection stories
  • How you got an agent/publisher
  • Your writing journey (even if you aren’t published yet)
  • Marketing
  • Using social media
  • Writing inspiration
  • Anything else that has value to my readers!

Posts must be original and may not be duplicated on your blog or anywhere else online.

How to submit a guest post:

Send a query to my email ( Please include:

  • Details about your post idea and/or the text of the post pasted into the email.
  • A brief bio to be used alongside your post, including links to your social media accounts and blog (if applicable).
  • Any time restrictions for when it should be posted (for example, if you want it to coincide with a book release).

If I am interested, I will respond with the date it will be posted and/or to request to see the complete text (if not included in the query).  When my workload is high or if all guest post slots are filled, it may take a few weeks to hear back.

3 thoughts on “Guest Posts

  1. Abel Batista says:

    I am writing a steampunk/fantasy novel with some dieselpunk and medieval elements. I was wondering if the three genres actually fit even though its quite late for me (I am on chapter 10 with 60000 words already.) Your videos have helped me quite a lot.

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