Writing Advice Article Library

Writing Basics

How to Write and Edit a Novel: The Ultimate Guide

How Long Should a Novel be?

First Draft Problems and How to Solve Them

Words & Grammar

Immediately, Suddenly, Finally, Oh My! (why you should avoid time-based adverbs)

Three Words to Banish From Your Novel (or else)

Stop Using “-ing” Verbs in Your Novel

Chapters & Scenes

How to Spot a Bad Scene or Chapter


The Ultimate Guide to Punctuating Dialog

Make Sure the Dialog in Your Novel Makes Sense!


Are You Writing Bad Character Descriptions?

Don’t Let Your Novel’s Characters be Crybabies

Young Adult & Middle Grade

“Edgy” YA Fiction: is Sex a Selling Point or Off Limits?

Writing Advice

Writers, Are You Treating Your Readers Like They’re Stupid?

Why Dreams Make Great Writing Prompts

Writing in Present Tense Might be a Bad Idea

Writers, Stop Repeating Yourselves!

Leave Hands Out of Your Novel…No, Really

Self Publishing

How to Get People to Take Your Self-Published Novel Seriously

Is Self Publishing Right for You?

What (Not) to Say When People Ask Why You Self Published

Traditional & Small Press Publishing

7 Reasons to be Wary of Small Publishing Houses

Hiring a Freelance Novel Editor

How Much Should You Pay for a Freelance Novel Editor?

Why Logical Novel Editors are Better than Passionate Ones


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