What to do if Your Novel’s Middle is Boring, Dull, or Slow [Novel Boot Camp 12]

Novels have a tendency to sag in the middle. After the setup and before the climax, writers often feel as if they’re simply filling up space with incidental conflicts or meandering characters. This is the first of two videos about strengthening the middle of the novel with stronger structure.

Comment Question: Do you find the middle difficult to write?

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3 thoughts on “What to do if Your Novel’s Middle is Boring, Dull, or Slow [Novel Boot Camp 12]

  1. Jen (Full of Love) (@gluedwithgold) says:

    What great timing for this – I was just attempting to flesh out an outline for the project I want to write for NaNoWriMo this year, and guess where I got stuck? Yup! The middle.

    I think this issue is exactly why I’ve always written short stories and never made it to the complexity of a novel. My plots are far too simple to span more than the space of a story. It might be time to do some reading and focus on the way other writers have structured their plots.

  2. Marlene Wilson Bierworth says:

    Hey Tobi, glad you dropped in.
    The middle is always the hardest to keep exciting.
    Sometimes, to overcome the middle blues, I’ve just written a whole lot of scenes, then pieced them together with transitions. Also, wth scenes not written in any particular order, I can later move them around and place them strategically before writing the transitions. Just one of many ways to get the story done.

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