Revise & Resub: Win a Month of Professional Editing!


I’m so excited to announce my involvement in a brand new editor-run contest: Revise & Resub. If your manuscript is complete and you’re ready for some final polishing to make your novel and query shine, then you won’t want to miss this contest!

I will personally only be accepting middle grade manuscripts in this contest, however all genres and age groups are covered by the different editors so you should have no trouble finding someone to submit to.

To learn what each editor is looking for check out their bios here.

Submissions will not open until April 7th at 12pm when a link will appear here to take you to a submission page.

What You’ll Need to Participate:

  1. A completed manuscript
  2. A query letter containing: word count, genre, age category, and author bio.
  3. A synopsis no more than two pages long. You do NOT have to include this in your submission package. However, most editors prefer having one if they request more pages from you. It’s best to already have it prepared.
  4. The answer to these three questions!
    • Why do you write?
    • On a scale of 1-10, how much tough love do you like in your revision feedback? (10 = Bring it on!)
    • Pro or Anti Oxford comma?

Contest Schedule

RevPit_hashtag_logo-300x300April 7th: Submission window opens.
The submission window will open at noon EDT on Friday, April 7th, and remain open until 11:59 EDT on Sunday, April 9th.

April 17th: Editor picks announced.
Editor picks will be announced at noon EDT on Monday, April 17th. Author–editor teams will begin working on revisions.

May 19th: Editing round ends.
Editors and authors wrap up revisions and submit revised queries and first five pages by midnight EDT on Friday, May 19th.

May 22nd: Revised submissions showcased.
Agent-ready queries and pages will be shared on the #revpit website at noon EDT on Monday, May 22nd.

In the meantime, feel free to join us on Twitter: #RevPit. You can hang out with the editors, ask questions, and meet other writers.

One thought on “Revise & Resub: Win a Month of Professional Editing!

  1. Mark Rogers says:

    Enjoy your blogs very much. Hope to employ your editing skills when I reach that point. Haven’t received any emails from you since March. Wanted to make sure that I’m still on your distribution list. Mark Rogers

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