Q&A Session – Question Submission Form

14779520072_914171dbb7_oNext week I will be answering your questions! This is your opportunity to get advice on issues you’re struggling with.

I will make four videos (Monday through Thursday) that focus on a single question. I will choose the topics for these four videos based on which questions have broad appeal.

For the final Novel Boot Camp video on Friday, I will be filming a long casual Q&A session during which I will answer questions that are too specific or nuanced for a standalone video or that don’t require answers longer than a couple minutes.

I will be making Q&A videos and requested videos on (hopefully!) a regular basis beginning in August, so any questions not answered next week will likely be answered on my YouTube channel at a later date, so stay tuned!

Please submit your questions below. Broad questions about novel writing in general as well as questions specific to your story are welcome! Thanks!

Submit Your Questions Below

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