Workshop #2: Peer Critiques – Submission Form

4926954971_1a10788d3b_oWelcome to the second workshop of Novel Boot Camp! I can’t believe we’re already almost halfway done!

This workshop will focus on peer critiques, but I will jump in with my own thoughts and comments if anyone has any questions or if I feel I can offer additional assistance. I will participate as much as I can as time permits.

Each participant will be given their own page and comments section for their work. You will be able to link to this page to ask friends, family members, etc. to leave critiques, and I will post a master list of all the novel openings as a blog post next Monday (July 18th).

Because all of the peer critiques will be posted at the same time, you must have your submission to me by 8am EST Monday July 18th!

As usual, I cannot guarantee that everyone will be able to participate. I will do as much as I can, and get to as many submissions as possible. I promise!

The Golden Rule: Do not submit your novel opening if you do not intend to critique the openings of others. This is not fair to the other participants.

If you would like to see last year’s peer critiques, click here.

***Important: The novel openings will be identified by their title and genre only. If you write “untitled” in the submission form, you will have no way to know which submission is yours and other participants will be less likely to click on your opening when choosing who to critique, so please provide a title (even if it’s a fake title). Thanks!


This critique session is part of Novel Boot Camp. If you don’t know what Novel Boot Camp is, click here.

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