Novel Boot Camp 2015: Second Annual Free Writing Course and Workshop!

It’s finally time for Novel Boot Camp 2015! Grab your manuscripts, coffee, and moral support! It’s going to be an awesome month!

NovelBootCampThe second annual FREE novel writing course and workshop will be held throughout the month of August. Just stop by the blog every weekday in August for new lectures and workshops.
If you’d like to receive the lectures to your email, sign up to the mailing list or follow this blog.

Want to experience the fun of Novel Boot Camp to its fullest? Sign up at our Facebook group and make friends, talk about the lectures, and find writing partners.

What does Novel Boot Camp have to offer?

This year there will be four workshops, two each for your query letter and first page. Rules and details will be posted in August.
The lectures and (optional) homework assignments this year will cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Internal Motivation
  • Character Development
  • How to Be Unique & Stand Out
  • Utilizing Theme
  • And many more!

Novel Boot Camp is all about figuring out what’s NOT working with your novel so that you can make it stronger and more appealing to agents, publishers, and readers.

What do I need to participate?

Nothing! Novel Boot Camp is open to writers at any point in the writing process. However if you want to get the most out of the experience and fully participate in the workshops, the following will help:

  • A written novel, novel outline, or at least a rough idea for a novel (workshops will require at least the first 200 words).
  • A query letter (doesn’t have to be for the same novel).
  • Time! The second round of workshops are intended to build off of what you learn in the first workshop, so ideally you will have have the time to update your first page and query.
  • Coffee, tea, wine, or beverage of choice (It’s supposed to be fun after all!).

If you missed Novel Boot Camp 2014, all of the lectures are still up and available for your use. You do not have to work through the 2014 version to enjoy the full benefits of this year’s Boot Camp, but it certainly won’t hurt!

I hope to see all of you here on Monday, August 3rd for Novel Boot Camp 2015!

12 thoughts on “Novel Boot Camp 2015: Second Annual Free Writing Course and Workshop!

  1. chickinwhite says:

    sounds quite awesome! I´m writing in german, though, but I iwill try to write a query letter in English… 🙂 See you in august!
    🙂 *is off, putting some wine into the fridge…*

  2. Pedro says:

    This is very exciting Ellen! I’m looking forward to your posts this year. Last year’s posts were all very insightful and wonderful to read!

  3. Bella says:

    Hi Ellen,

    Only just discovered your blog and Novel Boot Camp so I’m a bit behind, but never mind, I’ll catch up! I wanted to ask: is it necessary to be writing genre fiction to benefit from the boot camp? I think my novel is more literary (although I’m not sure), and I’ve seen you say elsewhere that your focus is on mainstream fiction.


  4. Diane says:

    Please run another one!
    I’m just getting started with my novel and wish I had found this page earlier
    Is it too much to ask for another boot camp in 2015?
    In the meantime thanks for the lectures – they will get me off to a great start

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