Novel Boot Camp Kickoff Party! (And Genre Guessing Game!)


“It’s finally here! It’s finally here!” – Me, running around my house this morning.

It seems like forever ago that I first announced Novel Boot Camp. I asked for topic ideas, your most common editing problems, and I spent hours upon hours (upon hours) writing and perfecting the course. Whew! It almost felt like Boot Camp was never going to arrive!

But here we are at the kickoff party – you with your manuscripts in hand and me ready to do nothing but eat, breathe, and sleep (or not sleep) Novel Boot Camp for the next month. It’s going to be a wild ride!

Before things get too crazy and some of you are inevitably reduced to tears with a bloody manuscript in your hands, let me say that the excitement and enthusiasm for Novel Boot Camp has reminded me of why I do what I do. It is the passion and dedication of writers like you that keeps me blogging, editing, and mentoring. You guys are the greatest!

To celebrate the kickoff party, keep meeting up with writing friends and critique partners (though I know some of you are at more than capacity in that department!) and let your friends and family know that you’ll be putting your pen where your passion is and might be a bit busier (and crazier) than usual. In order to keep the blog comments focused on the workshop, post your kickoff party excitement on Twitter and the FB group.

And now on to our first workshop!

Workshop #1: Genre Guessing Game

June 30 – July 6

For our first workshop, I want to focus on the most important aspect of editing – seeing your novel from the outside.

This is no easy task! You’ve toiled and slaved over your novel. You know it inside and out. If you’ve been editing it long enough, you can probably recite passages from heart. All of that is lovely and wonderful and passionate, but terrible for editing.

So for this first workshop, I want you to send your book out into the world – just a tiny piece of it – to see how it’s perceived by those outside yourself, by the people who know nothing about it.

Participants will submit the first 200 words of their manuscript. Guessers will attempt to identify the genre, tone, and basic plot of the novel. The objective is to have a bit of fun while exploring how your manuscript looks from the outside. Do people think your romantic comedy is a horror/thriller? Do readers expect your story of redemption to be a story of revenge?

Remember that how the Boot Campers perceive your novel is likely how agents and editors will perceive it too. We’ll be talking about why the reader’s perception of the first page is important in our first lecture tomorrow.

Warning: This is a new and totally untested workshop process. Please bare with me if there are any technical kinks or if things seem awkward. I wanted to do something unique so I hope it works!

How to Play the Genre Guessing Game

***Read the FULL directions and follow them or you will not be eligible to participate!***

Firstly, I understand that not all readers are comfortable sharing their work online. If you do not want to submit, you may still participate in the guessing.

How to Submit Your Opening

To streamline the process, decrease cheating, and increase participation, I will be posting all of the first pages anonymously (meaning that no one other than me will know whose first page is whose). If you attempt to submit your own first page, it will be deleted!

The submitted novel openings will be posted as quickly as possible, but since it must be done manually, there will likely be some delay.

Submit your novel’s opening in the form below. It will go to my email and I will manually post the first 200 words only (not your name, genre, tone, etc.) into the comments section.

Note that your novel’s opening is the very first 200 words. If you open with a prologue, use that rather than your first chapter.

How to Guess the Genre

In the comments section below this post, leave a reply to the novel openings submitted and post some or all of the following:

  • Guess the Genre – Is it a contemporary romance? A YA paranormal? A horror/science fiction hybrid? Post your best guess. If you think it’s middle grade or young adult, please also include a genre (adventure, comedy, romance, etc.).
  • Guess the Tone – What do you think the overall tone of this novel is? Is it creepy? Heartwarming? Spiritual? Disturbing? In other words, what adjective would you use to describe the book?
  • Guess the Basic Plot – What do you think this novel is going to be about? What do you expect to happen?
  • Do NOT post a critique of the opening or any comments about the writing quality or style. We will have a novel opening critique later in the month.

Please do not post your guesses anonymously unless you do not want to be eligible to win the prize for best guesser!

Sample comment/guess: I think this is a middle grade  adventure story with a dark tone. I expect it to be about how the main character learns to overcome his fear of the water to defeat a sea monster.

What Should Writers Take Away?

The reader’s perception of your novel is more important than your own. Keep an eye on your novel’s opening this week to see how Boot Campers perceive your work. Is it right in line with your vision or way off?

Is the novel going to deliver what readers seem to expect? We’ll be talking about the importance of the first page’s promise in our first lecture tomorrow.

Prize – Free Edit of Your First 1,000 Words!

This workshop will have two winners! Due to the labor involved in posting, moderating, and then judging the posts, it may take me until after Novel Boot Camp to choose and notify the winners. How long it takes depends on the level of participation.

Award for the Best Guesser: This prize will go to the Novel Boot Camper with guessing power from the gods. In other words: the camper with the most correct guesses.

Award for the Best Opening: This prize will go to the opening that had its novel, genre, and basic plot guessed correctly the most often.

Both winners will receive a free edit of their first 1,000 words.

Connect with Other Novel Boot Camp Participants

Need a writing friend? Got a question? Need a shoulder to cry on? We’re there for you!

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 10.41.51 AM 93-facebookgroup

I will be answering writing and editing questions on our Twitter hashtag as time allows. Due to the insane volume of emails I’m receiving, I cannot provide free advice or assistance via email. Thank you!

What is Novel Boot Camp?

Novel Boot Camp is a free online novel writing course focused on identifying and correcting problems in your novel. Learn more about Novel Boot Camp and find past (and future) posts here.

***Don’t miss the second page of novel openings! Look for “Newer Comments” on the bottom of the page!***

1,260 thoughts on “Novel Boot Camp Kickoff Party! (And Genre Guessing Game!)

  1. Ellen_Brock says:

    I once heard that you only remember a tiny fraction of your life. Maybe it’s because the boring details of everyday life aren’t worth remembering or because monotony makes our days too similar to distinguish. Either way, hours of our life are lost forever as soon as we close our eyes.

    For me, the closer I got to my sixteenth birthday, the more time slipped off the cliff of my consciousness into a void of forgotten details. If I hadn’t been lied to for my entire life, I would have known the changes were a sign. But back then I was oblivious, safely inside the peaceful lie of being a Detroit socialite.

    Not that it was all that impressive; it wasn’t the same thing as being a New York socialite. Detroit was a shell of what it used to be. The financial crisis was spreading, even in the affluent bubble of Grosse Pointe Shores where we lived. On either side of Greybrooke, our family estate, foreclosure and short sale signs were popping up.

    Closer to the city, most of the sprawling Tudor mansions were abandoned. Garbage piled up, potholes grew, and the buses, if they even came, were consistently late.

  2. cmdaugherty2016 says:

    Genre: Fantasy (teen audience)
    Tone: tense
    Plot: Protagonist discovers her past is a lie after mysteriously developing supernatural powers. She embarks on a perilous journey to uncover her true origins however there are dark forces who will stop at nothing to prevent her from learning the truth.The author also includes a love/romance sub plot.

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