Trick or Treat Contest Winners!

Thanks so much to everyone who submitted to the trick or treat contest. It was fun getting a glimpse of your projects!

Please keep in mind that query letters are very subjective. I left a critique of each query letter in the comments section. If you want to get a better idea of how I came to my conclusions, you can read those comments here.

And now, without further ado…the winners!

Grand Prize Winner – Free 25k Word Edit

Tobie Easton!

What I like about Tobie’s query is that it has a strong voice, is easy to follow, and clearly indicates the central conflict. Nice job, Tobie!

Second Place – Free 10k Word Edit

R. A. Whan!

This was decided via a random number generator. R. A. Whan will also be featured in First Page Friday next Friday, November 8th.

Third Place – Free 5k Word Edit

Kai Strand!

This was also decided via a random number generator.

Participants – Free 1k Word Edit

As a thank you for competing, all participants will get a free edit of their first 1k words.

How to Redeem Your Prize

Prizes must be redeemed within one year. You may schedule your edit in advance or simply send it to me to edit it as soon as possible. I will try my best to get to 1k and 5k word edits before the end of the year, but the 10k and 25k will take at least until January.  Send your work as a .doc attachment to my email:

Thanks again for participating!



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