First Page Friday: Get a FREE Edit and Critique of Your Novel’s First Page!


I’ve been thinking for a while about how to give better advice on my blog as well as how to offer some free editing to my blog and Twitter followers.

While mulling this over, I realized that I could combine both goals and create an educational series that will allow my readers to see my editing advice in action while at the same time giving back to the awesome writing community with some free edits!

Thus, “First Page Friday” was born!

Once I gather up enough submissions, I will post an edit and critique of the first 500 words of a novel every week, focusing on the following elements:

  • Where I would stop reading as an agent, editor, or reader.
  • Whether or not it’s the best place to start the story.
  • Whether or not the story is hooking me.
  • Any major or minor writing issues.
  • How it could be improved.

Submission Details

If you’d like to submit your novel for First Page Friday, please send the following to

  • The name you want me to use in the blog post (real name, alias, or anonymous).
  • The genre of your novel.
  • The first 500 words (give or take, don’t stop in the middle of a sentence).
  • Any links (Twitter, Blog, Goodreads, etc.) that you’d like included in the post (not required).

Please do not submit if you are not okay with your first page being posted, critiqued, and edited on my website.

Please share this post and spread the word to other writers. Let’s make First Page Friday a success!

About the Editor

Ellen Brock is a freelance novel editor who works with self-publishing and traditionally publishing authors as well as e-publishers and small presses. She owns the editing company Keytop Services and the writing and editing blog The Writeditor. When not editing, she enjoys reading, writing, and geocaching. Check out her editing services and testimonials.