(Video) Writing Tip: First Chapter Mistakes and Cliches

An issue with your first chapter can mean rejections from agents and editors.  If you’re self publishing, readers may put the book down before reading past the free excerpt. Whatever your publishing goals, a first chapter that is free of mistakes and cliches is vital to success.

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How to Write a Great First Chapter

Whether you’re trying to grab an agent, editor, or simply readers, a great first chapter is vital.  Agents, editors, and readers alike often give books only a few paragraphs or pages of their time before deciding to move on to something else.  This video will help you learn how to write a first chapter that will grab and hold on to your audience.

The advice in this video will give your first chapters a competitive edge.  For more help with first chapters, check out my other video, First Chapter Mistakes and Cliches.

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