Is Self Publishing Right for You?


It’s never been easier to publish your own novel, but is self publishing right for you? Here are some questions to consider before taking the plunge.

Have You Written a Great Book?

Self publishing should not be seen as an alternative to writing and thoroughly editing a great book. I’ve seen a number of self-published authors bragging about how quickly they churn out books or how they wrote it in a single draft without editing. Yikes!

Self publishing is not an easy way to avoid the hard work and high standards of traditional publication.   Self-published authors rely heavily on word of mouth and good reviews.  So if your product sucks, you wont be successful. And if you want to earn an income from your self-published books, you need to build up a fan base, which can’t happen if your work is riddled with errors.

Do You Have Time to Self-Promote?

If the thought of an active presence on Twitter makes you cringe or if you can’t find a spare moment to post on Facebook, self publishing is definitely not for you. To be successful, you must be willing to do all the marketing on your own, which means a constant presence on social media and a huge time investment.

Has Anyone Else Read Your Book?

If you want a stellar book that will turn heads and get people talking, you need feedback on your work before you publish.  There are many ways to get feedback, such as utilizing beta readers, a freelance or independent editor, or posting excerpts on a writing forum. Whatever you choose, make sure that more than just one set of eyes has looked over your work.

Are You Happy With Non-Traditional Publication?

Do you want to self publish because it’s something you feel passionate about or because your query was rejected by all the top agents? Agents and editors (usually) won’t touch a book that’s already been self-published.  So if what you truly want is traditional publication and you give up too soon, you may regret taking your book off the market, especially if your writing improves later on.

Self publishing can be a great experience, but it’s not right for everyone. Before jumping in, make sure it’s the right choice for you!

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Does Your Novel Need a Beta Reader?

A beta reader is someone, usually a fellow writer, that reads your manuscript and provides advice on how to improve the novel. Is a beta reader something your novel needs? Watch and find out.

If you choose to use a beta reader for your novel, make sure to follow your instincts. If your gut tells you that the beta reader is wrong, don’t make their suggested changes!  But make sure to thank them for their time and effort! (:

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(Video) Writing Tip: First Chapter Mistakes and Cliches

An issue with your first chapter can mean rejections from agents and editors.  If you’re self publishing, readers may put the book down before reading past the free excerpt. Whatever your publishing goals, a first chapter that is free of mistakes and cliches is vital to success.

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How to Write a Great First Chapter

Whether you’re trying to grab an agent, editor, or simply readers, a great first chapter is vital.  Agents, editors, and readers alike often give books only a few paragraphs or pages of their time before deciding to move on to something else.  This video will help you learn how to write a first chapter that will grab and hold on to your audience.

The advice in this video will give your first chapters a competitive edge.  For more help with first chapters, check out my other video, First Chapter Mistakes and Cliches.

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