Line Edit

***Important: Line editing is not a proofread or a copy edit. Line editing focuses on improving the sound and style of the writing. It is not a grammar check. If you are looking for a grammar check, I recommend hiring a copy editor. This article provides a great explanation of the differences. I do not do copy editing. Thank you!

***In most cases, I will only offer line edits for clients who have already had a developmental edit or critique.

Line editing focuses on the word choices, sentence structure, and flow. When performing a line edit, I focus on the artistic side of writing. I help you develop a strong and consistent voice.

Line editing includes a lot of notes and tracked changes within the body of the manuscript. These edits will help to make your writing more concise and streamlined. I will look for issues like overused words, too many adverbs, purple prose, sentence fragments, confusing sentences, over or under describing, cliche phrases, awkward or unnatural dialogue, and anything else that prevents your prose from shining.

When line editing, I do not correct or point out issues with the plot or characterization, though I will point out inconsistencies and blatant plot holes. Line editing is a good option for writers who feel confident with the story but are struggling to make their prose stand out and really shine.

Because line editing focuses on perfecting each individual sentence, I strongly recommend getting a developmental edit or critique prior to a line edit. If I discover a major plot hole or a significant issue with marketability, characterization, or pacing that will require rewriting a portion of the novel, you will need to either pay for a line edit on those changed sections or they will not be line edited, so resolving story issues first through a developmental edit or critique is recommended.

COST: Variable. A one hour ($75) sample edit is required before booking. This allows me to assess the cost accurately according to your needs.  Prices typically fall between $30 and $75 per 1,000 words. Simplified/modified services are available to reduce the cost.

Please read my New Client Guide before booking.

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